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intAkE 和tAkE in的区别

intake[释义] 吸入,进气; 进入口(液体等); 摄入,摄取; 纳入(数)量; People with chronic kidney disease may need to limit potassium intake.患有慢性肾病的人可能需要对钾的摄入量有所限制。 take in v.接受, 接待, 吸收,What courses d...

Order On Hand 未生效合同 Order In Take 已生效合同

order intake 定订单买货 sales (n.) 贩卖;销售;销路;贱卖;销售额;拍卖;售货

这里不用with(用),改成in Take out your worksheets and fill in the blanks in the text


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